Center for Literacy & Creativity PSA
18401 W. McNichols Rd.
Detroit, MI 48219
(313) 537 - 9400 Fax# (313) 537 - 9410


Welcome To Center for Literacy & Creativity PSA

Vision Statement

Center for Literacy & Creativity Academy strives to serve as an inspiration to each student to strive for academic excellence, and to be a winner in life. We believe in teaching them well and letting them lead the way.

Mission Statement

In cooperation, parents and community, Center for Literacy & Creativity Academy, strives to promote good citizenship and excellent scholarship in order to enhance the lives of every child through the use of technology and communication. This will ensure that students will demonstrate a positive self image, attitude, and self control.

Belief Statement

We believe:
-School must provide learning experiences through which children will acquire fundamental skills, abilities and attitudes to participate in a global society.
-Students must demonstrate competency prior to being promoted to the next grade.
-Each family plays a major role in the formulation and implementation of school philosophy. 

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